About the UK social centre network


Social Centres are self-managed spaces either owned, occupied or leased which take many different forms. Social Centres are a means whereby people can come together to create, conspire, communicate and offer a collective challenge against capitalism.

The idea of Social Centres is not only to occupy social space but to create a critical visible presence in the community where people can engage in radical ideas and events.

Social Centres offer a sense of community and solidarity, affordable food and entertainment, a non-commercial place to relax, talk, meet people or find information on political campaigns, issues and actions.


The UK Social Centre Network is a network of independent social and community centres in the United Kingdom whose aim is to link up “the growing number of autonomous spaces to share resources, ideas and information”. The network draws a very clear distinction between the many independent social and community centres around the country on one side and the state or large NGO sponsored community centres on the other. Despite there being a tradition of social spaces in occupied buildings (also known as squatting), the recent upsurge in (legal) social centres has come about in the last five years.

A list of current UK social centres can be found here:


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  • The Peoples Autonomous Destination

    The PAD is a social and community space for groups and individuals who will not or cannot work within the constraints of government or corporate control.
  • 118 Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff, CF24 1LW

  • Get involved!

    If you'd like to get involved or wish to use the venue, come to an organising meeting on Wednesdays at 7pm or
    email us
    To get the most up to date info on what's happening at the PAD
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