Regular Events at the PAD


8pm – Cardiff Anarchist Network meeting

* apart from the first monday of each month, when the South Wales Anarchist Forum is held at different locations in south wales, including the PAD!*

7.30pm- Cardiff Reading Anti-Capitalism meeting (fortnightly)

5pm – Cost price wholefood shop: a not-for-profit shop selling organic wholefood

7pm – PAD organising meeting – All Welcome!


7pm- No Borders South Wales meeting

Sundays- open 12 noon until at least 3pm
Vegan fried breakfast (sausage, beans, fried bread/toast, mushrooms, tomatoes & sometimes hash browns & onion rings!). *Breakfast is usually served 12-1pm*

Featuring Zapatista coffee and a selection of teas.

£2 donation

Help always needed in the kitchen. Contact us or come to a meeting to get involved.

Also at the PAD…

  • Info shop: A complete collection of ‘Gagged!’ newsletter, free leaflets, pamphlets and magazines on local, UK and international anti-authoritarian groups and campaigns and social struggles
  • Freeshop: clothes and some other stuff that has been donated that you can have for nothing.

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  • The Peoples Autonomous Destination

    The PAD is a social and community space for groups and individuals who will not or cannot work within the constraints of government or corporate control.
  • 118 Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff, CF24 1LW

  • Get involved!

    If you'd like to get involved or wish to use the venue, come to an organising meeting on Wednesdays at 7pm or
    email us
    To get the most up to date info on what's happening at the PAD
    join the e-mail list
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